BA in Media Studies Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies is designed for students who want to understand the role that media play in society, culture, and daily life. Students who major in media studies will apply a wide array of theories and research techniques to examine the impact of all forms of media platforms and content, including: broadcasting, digital, and social media platforms as well as advertising, film, and television. Students will learn to critically examine the role that the media play in some of the problems that plague today’s world, such as health, political issues, misinformation, and climate change. The major offers a healthy mix of theory-driven and applied courses, such as PR and advertising. Media studies majors have ample opportunities to gain professional experience by conducting research and participating in internships. Recent media studies graduates are employed with media industries, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and have pursued graduate degrees.

Learning outcomes for this program include:

  1. Students are able to accurately describe, differentiate, connect, and utilize multiple existing media-centered theories to critically analyze contemporary media issues.
  2. Students are able to describe an innovative research question that addresses a gap in the existing literature and/or a real-world problem; they can then propose a solution in the form of appropriate theories and methodologies.
  3. Students are able to find, synthesize, and properly cite a variety of relevant, peer-reviewed sources to make an original argument.

Download a PDF of the curriculum here.


Note: CMJ courses must obtain a C- or better to count toward the major; WI = Writing Intensive.

Core Course Requirements 3 courses (9 credits)

CMJ 203 Media Theories and Research Methods
CMJ 376 Modes of Media Criticism
CMJ 483 Capstone Seminar in Media Studies (WI)

Major Course Requirements: 7 courses (21 credits)

CMJ 100 Introduction to Media Studies
CMJ 107 Communication & the Environment
CMJ 211 Journalism & Media History
CMJ 245 Film Criticism and Theory
CMJ 314 International Media
CMJ 367 Public Relations
CMJ 370 Visual Communication
CMJ 375 Journalism & Media Law
CMJ 380 Advertising, Media and Society
CMJ 398 Topics in Media Studies
CMJ 402 Communication Research
CMJ 403 Persuasion and Social Influence
CMJ 404 Risk Communication
CMJ 425 Health Campaigns
CMJ 430 Intercultural Communication
CMJ 450 Communication and Technology
CMJ 460 Public Communication and Advocacy
CMJ 475 Sexualities in Media
CMJ 480 Advanced Media Theories and Research Methods
CMJ 495 Internship
CMJ 498 Advanced Topics in Media Studies
CMJ 5xx with department approval

Note: only one 100-level course may count toward the major in Media Studies.

External Requirements

For all undergraduate majors in Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies: A total of 9 credits in the areas of Writing and Language, with at least 3 credits in each of the two areas (take 6 credits from one area; 3 credits from the other).

  • Writing Area: ENG 205, ENG 206, ENG 212, ENG 301, ENG 317, ENG 415, ENG 416, ENG 418 (CMJ 136 may count here if not used to fill a major requirement)
  • Language Area: French, German, Spanish, American Sign Language, or other language.