Undergraduate Advising

CMJ uses the Navigate app for advising during the academic year (September through May). Navigate is an all-purpose email, appointment scheduling, and note keeping app. Please see this help page, and download the app: https://umaine.edu/navigate/students/. If you have questions and want to speak directly to your advisor, email your advisor through Navigate: https://umaine.campus.eab.com.

Registration Process for Undergrad CMJ Majors

  1. Create your Wish List on MaineStreet before meeting with your advisor (see FAQs below). They will not meet with you if you do not have a Wish List.
  2. You must make an appointment with an academic advisor in order to verify your Wish List and receive your enrollment pin before you can register. There are no drop-in appointments. You will be contacted to set up appointments via Navigate (https://umaine.campus.eab.com) across the semester for Add/Drop, Preregistration, and Registration.

Advising FAQs

How do I build a Wish List on Maine Street?

Follow the instructions provided below. For more information, see the UMaine Reference Guide for Enrolling via a Wish List.

  1. Make sure you are in your Student Center.
  2. Click on “Search for Classes” and start searching (by course, Gen Ed, etc.) [Screenshot]
  3. Once you find a course and section you want, click “Select” at the far right. [Screenshot]
  4. Review your choice in the “checkout” window. [Screenshot]
    • If you would like to be on the Waitlist for a course, check the Waitlist button. See the UMaine Wait List policy for more information.
    • When you are sure this is the section you want, click “Next.”
  5. The course should now be on your Wish List to register. [Screenshot]

You can also check out this useful video produced by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

How do I build and use a shopping cart on Maine Street?

Please watch this helpful video created by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

How do I enroll for classes?

Follow the instructions provided below. For more information, see the UMaine Reference Guide for Enrolling via a Wish List.

  1. Click on “Wish List” in your Student Center. [Screenshot]
  2. Choose the semester you are going to enroll for. [Screenshot]
  3. Select those courses you want to enroll in, then click “Enroll.” (Note: The Wish List includes all classes you added that you *might* want to take. You do not have to enroll in all of them. Check the box next to the courses you want to enroll in or all if that is your plan). [Screenshot]
  4. Enter your registration PIN. [Screenshot]
  5. Confirm your selections. [Screenshot]
  6. View your results. You are registered! [Screenshot]

How do I Add or Drop courses in Maine Street?

You may Add courses during the first week of a regular semester. You may Drop courses during the first two weeks of a semester. Note: The exact dates for Add and Drop vary by semester, so check with Student Records or your Advisor to make sure you know the deadlines.)

  1. From your Student Center, select “Enroll.” [Screenshot]
  2. Select the term you want to Add or Drop classes in. [Screenshot]
  3. Choose Add or Drop and proceed accordingly. Note: for Add you can either use the Course Number (CRN) or add classes to your Wish List to choose from. An example of a CRN is marked on this screen shot so you know what one looks like. You would add the CRN from a course that you are not currently enrolled in to Add it (or use the Wish List function). [Screenshot]

Why won’t MaineStreet won’t let me enroll in a class even though it’s on my wish list?

There are several possible reasons why you are unable to enroll:

  • The course is full. If this is the case, you should automatically be put on the wait list. MaineStreet automatically enrolls people from the wait list in order if space becomes available before the last add date.
  • You do not meet the prerequisites for the course. You can put a class on your wish list even if you do not meet these requirements, but will not be able to enroll. Double check the course description to see if there are any listed. Common prerequisites are previous courses or specific year in school by credit number.
  • You are already enrolled in too many credits. MaineStreet will only allow enrollment in up to 18 credits per semester.
  • You are already enrolled in a class during the scheduled time. MaineStreet prevents you from enrolling in courses that have schedule conflicts.

How do I find important deadlines for course enrollment?

All dates for registration and enrolling for classes can be found on the University’s academic calendar.

Why don’t you have appointments available when I need them?

A: Appointment times fill up quickly during the weeks of enrollment. Plan ahead and schedule your appointment early. Remember that you can come in before your scheduled enrollment time. If we simply do not offer appointments during your preferred time, you can also email your advisor with any questions you have.

I’ve made an appointment but where do I go?

A: The advising office is in Rm 442 on the 4th floor of Dunn Hall. When exiting the elevator or main stairwell, take a left and follow the hallway around the corner. (Note: For Spring 2021, all advising appointments will be held via Zoom).

I emailed my CMJ advisor. When will I get a response?

First, make sure you email your advisor, who is listed on your Student Center. You will get the fastest response that way. Advisors respond to emails Monday-Friday during work hours and typically reply in less than 24 hours. During busy enrollment time, we may take a bit longer. Please be patient — we try to respond as quickly as possible. If you email on Friday through the weekend, we may not respond before the following Monday.

How do I know what classes I have left to take for my major?

You can find your degree progress in the student self service center on MaineStreet. This report will tell you what requirements you have completed and what remains. This report will not show if an exception has been made for any of your requirements. You can also check the Undergraduate Program page on the department website to see what CMJ classes count towards your major.

I’ve seen Public Relations listed as a minor in course catalog. Why can’t I declare it as a minor?

You are looking at the wrong year of the course catalog. The online catalogue sometimes defaults to an earlier year when you go to the Majors and Minors section. Double check the dates at the top of the page to make sure you are getting the correct information.

I want to sign up for summer courses. Do I need a pin?

No, you should be able to sign up on your own. If you have filed for May graduation but need to take a summer course, you can still walk in graduation as planned, but will need to file as an August graduate.

I’ve finished all my requirements. Why can’t I graduate?

Graduation requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. This number of credits is required for all students, no matter what your major is. Fulfilling all of your requirements will not often get you to the required number of credits. It is recommended that you take at least 15 credits per semester in order to reach this number in four years.

I don’t know how to use the degree progress report. 

Check out this useful video produced by the College of Liberal Arts and Science here.

How do general education requirements work at UMaine?

Please watch this video to get a better understanding of general education requirements at the University of Maine.

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