About the Department


The Communication and Journalism Department here at UMaine has been around in various configurations since 1915 which makes us one of the oldest programs in the country.  The Department of Public Speaking opened in 1915, later to become a Department of Speech & Theatre, and then to be combined with Speech Disorders.  The Department of Journalism began in 1948, later to become the Journalism and Mass Communication Department.  Communication and Journalism were combined in 1994.  As a Department we have a long, respected tradition of success and student-centered education.

Our undergraduate  students have gone on to careers in the private and public sectors and to graduate school. Our graduate students have become professionals, teachers, and professors.

Our Department´s mission is to understand and to improve the human condition through the study of communication practices. We offer challenging liberal arts degree programs in Communication, Media Studies, and Journalism, and graduate programs in Communication and Media Studies. Our programs address personal and professional practices, social contexts, and theoretical understandings of human-to-human and technologically mediated communication.

To our many alumni, we extend continued best wishes and, please, don’t be a stranger. To our current majors and graduate students, you are what make this a great Department. To prospective students, what are you waiting for?


The Department’s primary educational mission is to offer challenging liberal arts degree programs that include the personal and professional practices and the social contexts of communication, mass communication, and journalism. Through the study of human communication we seek to understand and to improve the human condition. The Department fulfills this liberal arts mission through its undergraduate programs in Communication, Media Studies, and Journalism, and through its graduate programs in Communication and Media Studies.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As faculty of the Department of Communication and Journalism (CMJ), we feel that it is important to publicly record our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), both in our classrooms and research practices. While we feel urgency in this matter, we also feel that posting a DEI statement without seeking student input would be insensitive to power and equity concerns.

Accordingly, for the time being, we are sharing our process in place of a statement. 

A committee of full-time CMJ faculty have been meeting for the last year to discuss our goals pertaining to DEI. Part of this process has included creating a working statement outlining steps for accountability and growth. We have a statement that we feel reflects our shared vision as faculty and are now beginning the process of receiving and implementing student feedback. To do this, we will conduct focus groups with our graduate students in January and focus groups with our undergraduate students in February. Once we have incorporated their feedback, we hope to post a statement to the website by March 2022. We see this statement as a living document that will be revisited and updated regularly.

If you as a member of our CMJ community would like to participate in a focus group to voice your priorities for the statement or other DEI-related issues, please contact judith.rosenbaumandre@maine.edu to register for a session.

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