BA Communication Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

(CMJ courses must obtain a C- or better to count toward the major; WI = Writing Intensive.)

Core Course Requirements: 3 courses (9 credits)

CMJ 201 Communication Studies I
CMJ 202 Communication Studies II
CMJ 485 Capstone Seminar in Communication


Major Course Requirements: 7 courses (21 credits) from the following list of CMJ courses

[no more than 1 of CMJ 102/103/106/107; and at least 4 courses (12 credits) at 400 level or above]

CMJ 102 Interpersonal Communication
CMJ 103 Public Communication
CMJ 106 Oral Communication of Literature
CMJ 107 Communication & the Environment


CMJ 225 Sex, Gender, and Communication
CMJ 257 Business and Professional Communication
CMJ 324 Interpersonal Communication in Everyday Life
CMJ 345 Small Group Communication
CMJ 347 Argument and Critical Thinking (WI)
CMJ 360 Nonverbal Communication
CMJ 366 Speech Play and Performance
CMJ 367 Public Relations
CMJ 370 Visual Communication
CMJ 393 Topics in Communication

 At least 4 courses (12 credits) at 400 level or above: 

CMJ 401 Speech, Space, Event: Critical Applications (WI)
CMJ 402 Communication Research
CMJ 403 Persuasion and Social Influence
CMJ 405 Women and Communication
CMJ 410 Social Influence of Mass Communication
CMJ 420 Health Communication
CMJ 425 Health Campaigns
CMJ 430 Intercultural Communication
CMJ 444 Political Rhetoric
CMJ 450 Communication and Technology
CMJ 466 Narrative and Communication (WI)
CMJ 470 Communication in Organizations (WI)
CMJ 475 Sexualities in Mass Communication
CMJ 493 Topics in Communication
CMJ 5xx with department approval


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