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Undergraduate Program - BA in Communication

Communication JournalismHumans possess a “mighty genius of construction” (Nietzsche) for using communication to produce cultures, institutions, and even our sense of self. The study of communication asks how we do this, how our basic ability to communicate allows us to weave a powerful web between and within individuals, cultures and
organizations. Students pursue such questions as these:

  • How do we use the power of language within personal relationships?
  • How do the stories we tell in conversation provide meaning and significance to the identities we fashion for ourselves, or cultures?
  • What communication practices do we engage in to maintain and build organizations?
  • What rhetorical strategies do we employ to spin new social webs or tear down old ones?
  • How do technologies extend and alter our communication abilities and practices?

By engaging these and similar questions students understand and critically evaluate human communication in their lives and in their careers.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Degree Requirements

(30 Credit Hours)

Effective Fall 2010

(CMJ courses must obtain a C- or better to count toward the major; WI = Writing Intensive.)

Core Course Requirements 3 courses (9 credits)

CMJ 201 Communication Studies I
CMJ 202 Communication Studies II
CMJ 485 Capstone Seminar in Communication

Major Course Requirements: 7 courses (21 credits) from the following list of CMJ courses

[no more than 1 of CMJ 102/103/106; and at least 4 courses (12 credits) at 400 level or above]

No more than 1 of CMJ 102/103/106

CMJ 102 Interpersonal Communication
CMJ 103 Public Communication
CMJ 106 Oral Communication of Literature

CMJ 225 Sex, Gender, and Communication
CMJ 257 Business and Prof Communication
CMJ 324 Interpersonal Communication in Everyday Life
CMJ 345 Small Group Communication
CMJ 347 Argument and Critical Thinking (WI)
CMJ 360 Nonverbal Communication
CMJ 366 Speech Play and Performance
CMJ 367 Public Relations
CMJ 370 Visual Communication

At least 4 courses (12 credits) at 400 level or above

CMJ 401 Speech, Space, Event: Critical Applications (WI)
CMJ 402 Communication Research
CMJ 403 Persuasion and Social Influence
CMJ 405 Women and Communication
CMJ 410 Social Influence of Mass Communication
CMJ 420 Health Communication
CMJ 425 Health Campaigns
CMJ 430 Intercultural Communication
CMJ 444 Political Rhetoric
CMJ 450 Communication and Technology
CMJ 466 Narrative and Communication (WI)
CMJ 470 Communication in Organizations (WI)
CMJ 475 Sexualities in Mass Communication
CMJ 493 Topics in Communication
CMJ 500-level with department approval

Students will be required to fulfill their external requirements to be eligible for graduation.


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Department News & Announcements

Monday Noon Research:
The CMJ Colloquium Series, Fall 2014

All events in Dunn 424, 12:10pm to 1pm

September 29: Nathan Stormer
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Rhetorical Diversity and Genealogies of Rhetoric”

October 6: Michael Socolow
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Correcting a Mad Men Myth: The Invention of the
Broadcast Advertising Season”

October 20: Paul Grosswiler
Department of Communication and Journalism
"The Global Village Dump: Media Cultures and
the Crisis of E-Waste"

October 27: Jessica Miller
Department of Philosophy
"Conceptions of Professionalism in Harlequin
Medical Romance"

November 3: Emily Rice & Theodora Ruhs
Department of Communication and Journalism
"Virtual Fieldwork in the Arctic."

November 10: Jordan P. LaBouff
Department of Psychology & Honors College
"Social Psychological Perspectives on American Policy:
Where and How we Vote"

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