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About the Department

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Greetings From Our Chair, Dr. Nathan Stormer


Who We Are

The Communication Department here at UMaine has been around since 1915 which makes us one of the oldest programs in the country. As a Department we have a long, respected tradition of success and student-centered education.

Our undergraduate  students have gone on to careers in the private and public sectors and to graduate school. Our graduate students have become professionals, teachers, and professors.

Our Department´s mission is to understand and to improve the human condition through the study of communication practices. We offer challenging liberal arts degree programs in Communication, Mass Communication, and Journalism, and graduate programs in Communication and Mass Communication. Our programs address personal and professional practices, social contexts, and theoretical understandings of human-to-human and technologically mediated communication.

To our many alumni, we extend continued best wishes and, please, don´t be a stranger. To our current majors and graduate students, you are what make this a great Department. To prospective students, what are you waiting for?


Our Mission

The Department’s primary educational mission is to offer challenging liberal arts degree programs that include the personal and professional practices and the social contexts of communication, mass communication, and journalism. Through the study of human communication we seek to understand and to improve the human condition. The Department fulfills this liberal arts mission through its undergraduate programs in Communication, Mass Communication, and Journalism, and through its graduate programs in Communication and Mass Communication 


Our Three Degree Programs 


The communication curriculum prepares undergraduate and graduate students for communication in the twenty-first Students in a classroom century. Both the B.A. and M.A. programs provide a broad foundation for advanced study and for employment as communication specialists.


Mass Communication
Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, the mass communication curriculum prepares our undergraduate and graduate students with a broad understanding of the roles of media in society and  prepares students for professional management leadership positions in mass communication and for further graduate work in the discipline, in law, and in related disciplines.


The undergraduate Journalism major offers students strong oral and written expression skills, a firm grasp of public affairs, and a broad foundation in the liberal arts.  The Journalism degree requires coursework that prepare students for print, broadcast and digital broadcast news journalism careers in Maine and nationwide. The major also prepares students for graduate study in related communication fields, law, the humanities and social sciences.