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Graduate Program

Financial Support

In addition to University fellowships and scholarships offered by the Graduate School, the Department offers graduate assistantships to qualified Masters and I.Ph.D. students.

The department currently administers 18 graduate assistantships for which students may apply. Assistantships typically include a stipend and tuition waiver for 9 credits per semester, 3 credits during the summer. Assistantships are awarded on a yearly basis. If performance in the assistantship is satisfactory and if the student is making adequate progress in the graduate program, the assistantship will be renewed. Normally, applications for assistantships will not be considered until after the candidate has submitted all materials required for admission to graduate study and has been accepted, at which time the candidate will be forwarded an application for a graduate teaching assistantship. For more information, see the Graduate Teaching Application linked here (.pdf).


The University of Maine library provides students access to extensive databases, the major books and periodicals in the field, and to library collections around the world. In addition to campus-wide wireless access and computer clusters, Department facilities include classrooms with hardwired net access, and recording and pro jection equipment for teachers. Graduate students also have access to a video editing and analysis laboratory, and research rooms to facilitate data collection and work on research projects.

Past Graduate Student Work and Employment

Our graduate students are active as scholars and professionals, pursuing Ph.D. study and private sector employment. They have published papers in journals, presented papers at professional conferences, engaged in internships with organizations in Maine and New England, and graduated to pursue exciting careers or doctoral study.

Questions about our graduate programs?

Please see our FAQ page


Read our Graduate Handbook


Please contact:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Communication and Journalism
5724 Dunn Hall, Room 420
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469



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Department News & Announcements

Monday Noon Research:
The CMJ Colloquium Series, Fall 2014

All events in Dunn 424, 12:10pm to 1pm

September 29: Nathan Stormer
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Rhetorical Diversity and Genealogies of Rhetoric”

October 6: Michael Socolow
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Correcting a Mad Men Myth: The Invention of the
Broadcast Advertising Season”

October 20: Paul Grosswiler
Department of Communication and Journalism
"The Global Village Dump: Media Cultures and
the Crisis of E-Waste"

October 27: Jessica Miller
Department of Philosophy
"Conceptions of Professionalism in Harlequin
Medical Romance"

November 3: Emily Rice & Theodora Ruhs
Department of Communication and Journalism
"Virtual Fieldwork in the Arctic."

November 10: Jordan P. LaBouff
Department of Psychology & Honors College
"Social Psychological Perspectives on American Policy:
Where and How we Vote"

Communication and Journalism
5724 Dunn Hall, Room 420
The University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469
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The University of Maine
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