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Faculty & Staff - Michael J. Socolow


Michael J. Socolow

Associate Professor
439 Dunn Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

Phone: (207) 581-1941
Fax: (207) 581-1286
E-Mail: Michael.Socolow



Teaching, 2013-2014

Fall, 2013: Spring, 2014:
CMJ 211: Journalism Studies I CMJ 380: Advertising, Media & Society
CMJ 520: Media History CMJ 495: Internship
 CMJ 495: Internship



  • Jefferson D. Pooley & Michael J. Socolow, “Checking Up on The Invasion from Mars: Hadley Cantril, Paul Lazarsfeld, and the Making of a Misremembered Classic,” International Journal of Communication, Volume 7 (2013).
  • Jefferson D. Pooley & Michael J. Socolow, “War of the Words: The Invasion from Mars and its Legacy for Mass Communication Scholarship,” in Joy Elizabeth Hayes, Kathleen Battles, and Wendy Hilton-Morrow, (eds.) War of the Worlds to Social Media: Mediated Communication in Times of Crisis (New York: Peter Lang, 2013).
  • Michael J. Socolow, ” ‘We Should Make Money On Our News’: The Problem of Profitability in Network Broadcast Journalism History,” Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 11 (6) (2010): 675-691.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “A Profitable Public Sphere: The Creation of the New York Times Op Ed Page,”Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 87 (2) (Summer, 2010): 281-296.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “The Behaviorist in the Boardroom: The Research of Frank Stanton, Ph.D.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 52 (4) (2008): 526-543.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “A Wavelength for Every Network: Synchronous Broadcasting and National Radio in the United States, 1926-1933,” Technology & Culture 49 (1) (January, 2008): 89-113.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “‘News is a Weapon’: Domestic Radio Propaganda and Broadcast Journalism in America, 1939-1944″ American Journalism 24 (3) (Summer, 2007): 109-131.
  • Michael J. Socolow, ” ‘Always in Friendly Competition’: NBC and CBS in the First Decade of National Broadcasting” in Michele Hilmes, ed. NBC: America’s Network (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007): 25-43.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “Psyche and Society: Radio Advertising and Social Psychology in America, 1923-1936,” Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television, 24 (4) (Oct. 2004): 517-534.
  • Michael J. Socolow, “Anchors Away: Huntley, Brinkley, and Cronkite and the 1967 AFTRA Strike,” Journalism History, 29 (2) (Summer, 2003): 50-58
  • Michael J. Socolow, “Questioning Advertising’s Influence Over American Radio: The Blue Book Controversy of 1945-1947,” Journal of Radio Studies, 9 (2) (December, 2002): 282-302.


Other Writing

Conference Presentations

  • These Four Men”: NBC’s Alternative Propaganda Model (.pdf),” presented at the Symposium on Broadcasting in the 1930s, July 6-9, 2010, at the University of Wisconsin
  • “A Hybrid Innovation: The Invention of the New York Times Op Ed Page,” presented at the 2009 Joint Journalism Historians Conference, co-sponsored by the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and the American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA)
  • “Myths, Lies, and Omissions in Journalism History,” Panelist & Organizer, 2007 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Convention, Washington, DC.
  • “ ‘Psyche and Society in a Single Echo Chamber’: Radio Advertising, Social Psychology, and the Audience Commodity, 1926-1941”2004 American Historical Association conference, Washington, DC.
  • “The Lazy Reporter’s Worst Nightmare: The Weblog Revolution”
    2002-2003 Brandeis University Cyberpsychology Colloquium.
  • “Advocating for the Radio Listener: James Lawrence Fly, Clifford J. Durr and Charles A. Siepmann”
    2002 Organization of American Historians conference, Washington, DC.
  • “ ‘Who is Doing the Kicking at the Present Time?’: N.B.C., C.B.S., James Lawrence Fly and the Politics of Chain Broadcasting Regulation, 1936 – 1943”
    2001 American Studies Association conference, Washington DC.



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Monday Noon Research:
The CMJ Colloquium Series, Fall 2014

All events in Dunn 424, 12:10pm to 1pm

September 29: Nathan Stormer
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Rhetorical Diversity and Genealogies of Rhetoric”

October 6: Michael Socolow
Department of Communication and Journalism
“Correcting a Mad Men Myth: The Invention of the
Broadcast Advertising Season”

October 20: Paul Grosswiler
Department of Communication and Journalism
"The Global Village Dump: Media Cultures and
the Crisis of E-Waste"

October 27: Jessica Miller
Department of Philosophy
"Conceptions of Professionalism in Harlequin
Medical Romance"

November 3: Emily Rice & Theodora Ruhs
Department of Communication and Journalism
"Virtual Fieldwork in the Arctic."

November 10: Jordan P. LaBouff
Department of Psychology & Honors College
"Social Psychological Perspectives on American Policy:
Where and How we Vote"

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