BA in Journalism

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

  • CMJ Students must earn a B or better in CMJ 236 and pass a writing exam in order to:

    1. continue as journalism majors, and
    2: enroll in CMJ 237, 332, 351, 434, 451, and 489.


  • Students must earn a C- or better in CMJ courses in order to count toward the major.


  • WI = Writing Intensive.


Core Course Requirements 3 courses (9 credits)

CMJ 211 Journalism Studies I: Introduction and History
CMJ 236 Journalism Writing and Editing (B or better) (WI)
CMJ 375 Journalism Studies II: Law and Ethics
JOU Major Writing Exam


Professional Course Requirements 3 or more courses (9 or more credits)

CMJ 237 Journalism Across Platforms, 4 cr. (WI)
CMJ 332 Public Affairs Reporting and Research (WI)
CMJ 351 Multimedia Production, 4 cr.
CMJ 434 Editorial & Opinion Writing (WI)
CMJ 435 Feature Writing
CMJ 481 Digital Journalism, 4 cr. (if not capstone)
CMJ 484 Investigative Journalism (if not capstone)
CMJ 489 Seminar-Media Ethics and Issues (if not capstone)


Capstone Requirement: (select one; 3 or 4 credits)

CMJ 481 Digital Journalism
CMJ 484 Investigative Journalism
CMJ 489 Seminar-Media Ethics and Issues


Internship Requirements: (3 credits)

CMJ 395 Student Media Practicum
CMJ 495 Internship


Elective Requirements: (Up to 6 credits may be taken to complete 30 credits required)

CMJ 100 Introduction to Mass Communication
CMJ 107 Communication and the Environment
CMJ 245 Film Criticism and Theory
CMJ 261 Photographic Reporting and Storytelling
CMJ 314 International Mass Communication
CMJ 330 Copy Editing
CMJ 347 Argument and Critical Thinking
CMJ 361 Documentary Photography and Audio
CMJ 367 Public Relations
CMJ 370 Visual Communication
CMJ 376 Modes of Media Criticism
CMJ 380 Advertising, Media and Society
CMJ 391 Topics in Journalism
CMJ 403 Persuasion and Social Influence
CMJ 410 Social Influence of Mass Communication
CMJ 412 Electronic Media Management
CMJ 425 Health Campaigns
CMJ 460 Public Communication and Advocacy
CMJ 475 Sexualities in Mass Communication
CMJ 480 Media Theories and Research
CMJ 491 Topics in Journalism
CMJ 5xx with departmental approval

*Please note: only one 100-level course may count toward the major in Journalism.

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Department of Communication and Journalism External Requirements
(for all undergraduate majors in Communication, Journalism, and Mass Communication)

A total of 9 credits in the areas of Writing and Language, with at least 3 credits in each of the two areas (take 6 credits from one area; 3 credits from the other).

Writing Area: ENG 205, ENG 206, ENG 212, ENG 301, ENG 317, ENG 415, ENG 416, ENG 418 (CMJ 236 may count here if not used to fill a major requirement)
Language Area: French, German, Spanish, American Sign Language, or other language.