Lindsay Lodis ’12

Lindsay Lodis is a graduate of the Department of Communication and Journalism at UMaine, and a former CMJ Department Teaching Assistant. Lindsay’s background is in Recreation & Tourism, and she started her graduate career at UMaine studying Forest Resources. While at UMaine, Lindsay met Dr. Laura Lindenfeld, and the two decided to collaborate. This led Lindsay to enroll in a second Master’s program with the Communication Department. At UMaine, Lindsay worked on the Knowledge-to-Action team, which was formed to align university research with community needs and improve collaboration between researchers and stakeholders on key sustainability challenges. Lindsay completed interdisciplinary work with natural resources and communication studies.

Lindsay completed her M.A. in 2011. Working on the K-A team was a solid fit for Lindsay’s natural resource and communication interests. While at UMaine, Lindsay studied public access for recreation activity in the Northern Forest, as well as the “town and gown” phenomena in Orono, Maine.

After her graduation, Lindsay moved with her husband to Honolulu and took a position as a Membership Assistant at the Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu, HI.

“My husband had an internship to finish in Hawaii before earning his own UMaine degree,” Lindsay says. “We enjoyed lots of visitors, including Communication Professor Dr. Nathan Stormer! It was one of the highlights of the 13 months we lived there,” she says. After spending time there, Lindsay and her husband headed back to the mainland.

“As a Colorado native, I was happy we could focus our next move to the West. Boise, ID is where I currently reside and it’s a marvelously sunny, friendly, happenin’ place,” Lindsay shares.

Today, she works as a Proposal Development Coordinator at POWER Engineers.

“I’m constantly juggling priorities. A request for proposal can show up on your desk and you’re expected to churn it out the next day. It’s critical to have strong writing and editing skills. I’m also communicating with a variety of professionals everyday including project managers and clients. Without my experiences at UMaine, there’s no way I would have the communication skills this job demands, ” Lindsay says.

In addition to working for POWER Engineers, Lindsay also worked as an adjunct professor at the College of Western Idaho.

“Teaching for UMaine was one of the best things that ever happened to my professional career,” says Lindsay. “I learned organization, how to be creative with lesson plans, and how to keep people engaged. I was surprised at how much more comfortable I felt with these classes than when I first started to teach at UMaine. For any TA’s reading this, let it be known that you’ll hit a stride, no doubt! I’m happy to have that ace up my sleeve, as adjunct Communication teachers are usually in demand.”